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With talent shortages reaching global highs, organizations must engage, retain and re-skill talent. Individuals value and expect organizations to provide career insight and development aligned to opportunities, while organizations need real time skills data at their finger tips.

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Create a Culture of Career Mobility and Learning

With our best-in-class technology and career mobility expertise, we provide an end-to-end solution for engaging and retaining your talent. Our career management technology is a talent experience platform providing your talent with insight, upskilling and access to opportunities throughout their employee journey.

Self Awareness Insights

Our insights are designed to foster self-awareness so individuals can find the types of roles to which they are best suited. Focusing on individual values, talents and how their skills match to the work they want to do in the future, we help create a mobilized, agile workforce from within.

Opportunity Pathing

Our talent experience platform helps individuals determine their career options within your organization. With lateral and progressive pathing, RightMap creates personalised opportunities mapped to individuals' talents, values and aspirations.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mobilizing individuals within your organization reinforces a positive culture of career mobility and learning.

Upskilling & Development

Within our career development platform, employees can find a variety of development options, including: internships, gigs, learning opportunities, projects and stretch assignments. Organizations can monitor progress and offer new learning and development options through the platform dashboard.

Organizational Talent Insights

RightMap enables Individuals, Leaders, and Organizations with valuable insights that lead to business success

Career Management Platform Resources

Learn how you can create a culture of career mobility and learning in your organization.

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